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Being charged with a criminal offense can be shattering. Everyone has the constitutional right to legal counsel, and the attorneys at the Erwin Law Firm, L.L.P. are here to help you through this trying time. When accused of a crime, it's important that you exercise your legal right to an attorney who can protect your freedoms and vigorously defend you in court. The Erwin Law Firm, L.L.P. has the experience and the dedication to help you in a wide variety of criminal cases, including, but not limited to:

Drug Offenses
Theft and Robbery
Assaultive Charges
Murder and Homicide
Sexual Offenses
Juvenile Offenses


If you have been injured or damaged as a result of a potential civil claim, it is imperative that you seek representation. If you are speaking with an insurance company, you are representing yourself against all of their resources. We can help. We provide representation in a variety of civil cases, including but not limited to the following:

Motor vehicle accidents
Trucking accidents
Construction Injuries
Industrial Injuries
Premises Injuries
Wrongful Death


Even after a case has gone to trial and an outcome reached, in most cases we still have a "Second Bite at the Apple" regarding your case. The Erwin Law Firm, L.L.P. has filed numerous appellate briefs and is prepared to fight for your second chance on appeal.

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We are also members of: The Hays County Bar Association, The Caldwell County Bar Association, Friends of The Fine Arts and Communication, Texas State University, and The Order of the Barristers.



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